World Class Manufacturing
WCM (World Class Manufacturing) is a methodology to improve the competitiveness in the production area in a systematic way. The methodology focuses on Occupational Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Environment and aims to reach “Zero” in each: Zero occupational and environmental accident, zero quality defect, zero waste and loss.
In order to improve the production standards to the world class level, FIAT started the WCM Program in 2006 and  by now the program is extended to 175 FIAT – Chrysler plants and 350 supplier plants.
As one of the model plants of WCM in FIAT, TOFAŞ started to the WCM Program in May 2006. In the early phases of WCM journey, TOFAŞ was awarded as “Fast Moving Plant” in 2006 and as “ The First Silver Plant” in 2009. As a result of the latest audit in November 2013, Tofaş became one of the 3 plants achieving the “Gold” level.
Throughout the WCM Journey, Tofaş has achieved 97% improvement in occupational accident frequency, 68% improvement in external quality indicator, 35% improvement in productivity and 75% improvement in machine breakdowns.
This progress is achieved by the participation of Tofaş employees. Improvement suggestions given by Tofaş employees are increasing every year. Within 2012, each Tofaş operator gave 49.7 proposals on average and this indicates their commitment on continuous improvement. Tofaş will carry on the WCM activities and maintain its model plant position within Fiat World.
Since 2009, Tofaş leads the deployment of WCM methodology into its suppliers within WCC (World Class Company) Program. As of 2013, WCM acitivities aiming to improve their production standards are being performed in the plants of 30 suppliers constituting 55% of local APV.
In 2011, WCD (World Class Dealer) Program was launched in 3 Fiat dealers in order to improve the aftersales customer satisfaction, service quality and profitability of the dealers. As of 2013, New Periodical Maintenance Standards developed in the WCD Program are deployed into all Fiat dealers across Turkey.

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World Class Manufacturing