Striving to work in offering “world-class quality” products that are “best fit for the customers” with its 50 years of experience, TOFAS established its R&D organization in December 1994.
Tofaş R&D Center aimed to contribute to the profitability of Turkish economy by developing passenger and commercial vehicles that are competitive in every aspect. To maintain this contribution, it set up a substructure that can compete with Europe in vehicle development area. In consequence of these developments, Tofaş R&D Center has been registered as R&D Center by Ministry of Industry and Trade within the scope of the law “No. on 5746 Supporting Research and Development Activities” as of 2008.

R&D Center gained a significant acceleration in developing R&D competency by taking the responsibility of MCV project developed for Fiat and PSA brands from 2005 to 2007. In the following years, developing New Doblo also for Opel and Vauxhall brands played a fundamental role in the increase of Tofaş’s export by manufacturing for 5 different brands. This accomplishment is the very first in Turkish Automotive Industry. New model of Doblo was also developed for North America markets. A new passenger car targeting Turkey and different markets in the world, and the effort of developing a new platform for this vehicle are conducted by Tofaş R&D Center.


Having a total laboratory and office area of 17.700 m2, Tofaş R&D Center, apart from Italy, is the only R&D Center that provides service for Fiat’s European markets with approximately 600 employees, high technology and diversity of its laboratories. By 2013, total investment of over €40 million has been made for design and testing in the fields of vehicle concept, style, vehicle body, interior design, suspension, engine, emission, vibration and acoustic.

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