Fiat Laboratories

Fiat Laboratories executed in integration with “Vocational Education: A Crucial Matter” project, aim to raise technical human resources, who are master in new technologies of the automotive industry and to bring into prominence and give priority to employ them in the industry.

Within the scope of this program, the Ministry of Education’s Office of Vocational Education for Boys and the Company have joined forces to contribute to the development of the fields of motor vehicle technologies in industrial vocational schools and institutions. Tofaş after-sales directors, regional representatives of the service council and regional officers work together at Fiat Laboratories in 11 occupational high schools in Istanbul, Bursa, Kocaeli, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Adana, Samsun and Diyarbakır.

The first Fiat Laboratory opened at the Şişli Industrial Vocational High School in 2006 produced its first graduates in 2009. As of 2012, there are 804 people in Fiat Laboratories together with the students receiving education and teachers providing the trainings. In 2011, 238 student and in 2012, 243 students were graduated. Nearly 60% of graduated students directly started to work in Fiat authorized services and other students preferred university education.

Personal records of all Laboratory teachers and students are kept in Tofaş Academy, which is the training and management portal of Tofaş. Also technical and behavioral e-trainings that are suitable for teachers and students are provided through Tofaş Academy portal. Thanks to the Education Portal including personal records of the students, many students took the advantage of starting to work at the authorized services or Tofaş Plant after graduated. Every year, technical education including up-to-date technologies is provided by the Tofaş Technical Training Center as part of in-service training to laboratory instructors. Until today, 400 Vocational High School Teacher have benefited from the in-service training program.

Fiat Laboratories receive equipment that operates as part of the infrastructure of Tofaş; Fiat Linea vehicles, too, have been allocated to the laboratories for educational purposes. Within the scope of “Vocational Education: A Crucial Matter” project, Koç Holding also provides scholarships for the education in FIAT Laboratories to the students who can meet the scholarship conditions.

Advanced Engine Overhaul firm, the engine overhaul supplier of dealers and authorized services, continued its “Engine Overhaul” trainings in 9 Fiat Laboratories in 2012. In parallel with these trainings, “Spare Parts” trainings, prepared by Tofaş After Sales Spare Part Manager Mesut Eren, continues in 7 Fiat Laboratories.

In the project competition organized by Koç Holding within the scope of “Vocational Education: A Crucial Matter” project, this year Şişli Industrial Vocational School’s Fiat Laboratory was granted to “Best School-Corporation Alliance” award. TL 30,000 amounted Grand Prize was given to Şişli IVS Fiat Laboratory. In 2013, the protocol has been renewed and the Laboratory proceeds its activities.

Automotive Engineering Master’s Program

The Automotive Master’s Program, a cooperative venture between Uludağ University and Torino Polytechnic under Tofaş leadership, and it is the first of its kind to be supported by a foreign university. The aim of this program is to enable the Turkish automotive industry to advance and to contribute to training a quality work force, which the sector needs. Since the launch of the program, the number of total students reached 48 and graduated student reached 9 students.

Tofaş Basketball Schools and Basketball Volunteers Project - FiatBall Festival

Tofaş Sports Club launched two different organizations in 1999 and 2001. The first of these was Tofaş Basketball Schools and launched in 1999. Today carries out activities in 9 provinces and in 23 different points. Nearly 4,000 children per year benefit from these activities.

The second one, Basketball Volunteers Project has been carrying out its activities since 2001 in cooperation with Turkish Educational Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) and Tofaş Sports Club. The aim of the project, which conducts activities at TEGV’s 11 Education Parks and three Learning Centers, is to contribute through basketball to the personal development of, and acquisition of life skills by children that do not ordinarily have the opportunity to participate in sports. Every year, approximately 700 students in grades 6-8 are reached through the program, which has had over 6,000 participants.

Tofaş brings together both organizations stated above once in a year through FiatBall Basketball Festival. In this event, which continues since 2001, the teams coming from their own regions find a chance to share their activities performed during a year.
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