Sustainability Policy

Tofaş’s “Corporate Sustainability Policy” is based on the motto "Life is Renewal” within the frame of an integral approach and business models based on sustainable future strategies. 

Tofaş’s “Sustainability” and “Social Responsibility” activities are managed with their social, environmental and economic aspects. Continuous improvement and achievement of higher objectives are the main foundations of our corporate sustainability approach. 

Corporate Sustainability Policy of Tofaş is assessed to present the responsibility of Tofaş towards their stakeholders both in the region where our plant is located and in a nationwide scale. Therefore, our “sustainability” approach and “corporate social responsibility” applications are managed with an integral approach to create a value chain with the suppliers, dealer network and stakeholders.

Our Corporate Sustainability Policy is inclusive of the following principles within the scope of environmental, social and governance aspects:

Managing risks efficiently and continually improving the processes,

Implementing the principle of zero accident in terms of occupational health and safety,

Increasing the company performance and manufacturing efficiency,

Promoting active participation of the employees with in a free communication environment,

Using energy efficiently, protecting the environmental balance and natural resources,

Increasing the awareness of the employees and the community on climate change,

Adapting a sustainable environmental management policy based on the national environmental legislation, applicable environment standards and best technologies,

Ensuring information safety and business continuity in all our activities,

Complying with national and international regulations,

Managing the relations with stakeholders transparently and with common sense,

Ensuring continued customer satisfaction,

Improving the suppliers in terms of sustainability,

Transparently sharing the sustainable environment policies with the public,

Offering the Corporate Social Responsibility activities to the stakeholders within the frame of Company strategies, objectives and priorities,

Adapting Corporate Governance Principles including the ethical values and anti-corruption as a corporate culture,

prensiplerini kapsar. 

In this sense, the important aspects within the scope of “Governance and Sustainability” are the Company's Corporate Governance Structure, Risk Management, Business Ethics & Anti-Corruption, Sustainability Management and Stakeholder Participation.

In addition to our activities to maintain and implement the Corporate Governance principles at the Company, we will take the necessary measures to do this in coordination with our stakeholders and continue our efforts regarding “Social Responsibility”.

In this context, it is one of the principal goals of our Company to ensure the sustainability of corporate activities in connection with the equality of all stakeholders, information responsibility and corporate governance principles.

Our sense of sustainability is conducted both within the body of the enterprise and within the frame of social works intended for the society by taking both corporate social responsibility and criteria of the effects on the society into consideration. In this sense and within the scope of our Sustainability Policy, Tofaş’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility has an integrated coherence within the scope of organizational culture, business processes and all company policies. 

Therefore, significant issues regarding Sustainability Governance include Climate Change Activities & Emission Rates, Product Portfolio & Product Strategies, Markets & Customer Satisfaction, R&D Management, World-Class Manufacturing (WCM) & Management Standards, Energy Efficiency, Environment Management Systems, Occupational Health & Safety, Working Environment & Skill Management, Supply Chain Management and Dealer & Service Network. Generating Sustainability Reports within the frame of climate change, environment, employee health & safety, corporate governance, ethical values, supply chain and social responsibility is handled as the main evaluation of our Sustainability Policy. In this sense, with regard to periodical and seasonal works; comprehensive, clear and detailed information is provided in activity and sustainability reports as well as the Company's printed, periodical and informative publications. For this purpose, the aforementioned processes are shared with all our stakeholders including the company employees, shareholders and beneficiaries and they are publicly disclosed. In addition, necessary information and relevant links are given in intranet and internet web sites of Tofaş; and activities formed and maintained in line with corporate policies are submitted to the information of stakeholders.

Tofaş, defining Social Responsibility activities as accountability of enterprises and their ability to perform their duties and liabilities towards their stakeholders within the scope of Sustainability Policy, accepts accomplishing "sustainable and improvable" social responsibility activities as a corporate policy.

As specified in Corporate Governance Compliance Reports of Tofaş, all "stakeholders" are approached as "beneficiaries" within the scope of corporate social responsibility. Our Company has its "Corporate Governance Rating" performed through evaluation of corporate governance activities with regard to "shareholders", "public information and transparency", "stake holders" and "board of directors" by including their works in this respect; the report including the aforesaid Corporate Governance Rating Note is published on our website as well as being submitted to the public's information within the body of Borsa Istanbul (BIST) in annual periods and through KAP. 

Within this frame, our Company is listed in BIST Corporate Governance Index and handles this as a continuous and dynamical process within the scope of the importance we attach to Corporate Governance Policies. The Company is listed in the BIST Sustainability Index managed by Borsa İstanbul. Works required regarding the Index criteria are periodically performed every year.

The basis of the Company's "Corporate Sustainability" include the documents signed by the main shareholders of Tofaş; Global Compact signed by Koç Holding and FCA-Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’s Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Perspective.

In line with the processes including the approach and activities of Corporate Social Responsibility we adopted, Tofaş accepts compliance with legal legislation as a main necessity and carries out the priorities which encourage the dynamics ensuring both corporate and social development. In this regard, we act in accordance with the criteria and principles specified on all matters in the field of corporate social responsibility such as human resources and investment in people projects, stakeholder culture and company vision, training support activities, practices developing culture and art, environmental awareness and protection of the environment. Tofaş also intends to implement and improve a proactive environment governance system within the frame of the environment policy, our activities in this regard and our sustainable development principle. 

Within all fields covered by social responsibility, works intended for the surveillance and implementation of all necessary national and international standards are carried out and developed. 

Within the frame of the Sustainability Policy of Tofaş; there is an integrity that is based on the participation of the shareholders related to social, ethical and environmental governance and takes the contentment and expectations of shareholders into account. However, strategic arrangements are stipulated for actualization of social responsibilities based on the corporate governance approach. Within the frame of the company's vision and the corporate activities preferred by the shareholders of the company in this respect, continuity is assured by the developing social responsibility approach and activities. 

In this frame, the Corporate Sustainability Policy is drafted with the environmental, social and administrative aspects and its follow-up is made at the Board of Directors level. The relevant issues are assessed and reported by the Commissions of the Board of Directors.

It is important for the Company that all results obtained through the governance, improvement and inspection of these processes and reporting corporate, social and environmental performance in line with the social and environmental activities of Tofaş are submitted to the information of all shareholders and the public. In this sense, great importance is attached on the Sustainability Report. 

Within this scope, sustainability and social responsibility activities of Tofaş are implemented and developments are followed within the scope of the Company's policies with the purpose of actualizing and improving the approaches that enable the application of national and international standards. 

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