Tofaş invites you to experience the excitement of how motor vehicles are made. With its production volume, export performance, R&D competencies and nearly 7 thousand employees, Tofaş is one of the leading industrial companies in Türkiye. Take part in the Turkish automotives industry’s first guided factory tour for the public and witness every stage of production from the manufacture of sheet-steel components to final assembly.



- The tour takes an hour and involves walking for that length of time.

- You may reserve a place for yourself or places for a group.

- Owing to Tofaş health & safety rules, children younger than thirteen years of age are not allowed on the tour. Students between the ages of 13 and 17 (inclusive) may take part in the tour provided they are accompanied by a parent.

- Unfortunately we are currently unable to permit people with physical disabilities to take part in these tours because not all the plant areas on the route are conveniently accessible to them. We are currently working on ways to do away with this restriction. Thank you for your understanding.

- A single tour group may consist of up to nineteen people.

- After you make a reservation you’ll be sent an email confirmation. This email contains a link that allows you to change or cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the tour starts.


You can check the trip days in the registration form field.

- Please check in at the reception desk at least twenty minutes before the tour starts. Failure to do so may result in your reservation’s cancellation.

- No tours are conducted on weekends or holidays.

- Tofaş reserves the right to cancel or to reschedule tours if production operations or other conditions make that necessary. You’ll be provided with notification in advance in such cases.

- Tour routes may be changed due to operational requirements.


The fee will be collected as a donation to the Tofaş Tour Training Fund through the online donation system of the Türk Eğitim Vakfı (Turkish Education Foundation). In line with the mission of the Türk Eğitim Vakfı, donations collected under the Tofaş Tour Training Fund will be used to support the education of the students who have successful and lack of financial opportunities.

Tour Fee: 100 TL


- Owing to Tofaş health & safety rules, children younger than thirteen years of age are not allowed on the tour. Students between the ages of 13 and 17 (inclusive) may take part in the tour provided they are accompanied by a parent.

- Owing Tofaş’s information security policy, no photography of any kind is allowed inside the plant. If you have a camera, you must surrender it at the reception desk. Please switch mobile phones off while at the plant and do not use them for photography.

- No weapons or any sharp-edged or pointed implements are allowed inside the plant. If you have anything of this sort with you, please notify security and surrender it at the gate.

- Your tour guide will provide you with safety equipment for your own protection while inside the plant. Please use this equipment as directed.

- Visitor vests must be worn at all times during the tour.

- Open-toed and high-heeled footware must not be worn anywhere inside workshops. We recommend that you wear comfortable garments and footwear. Any type of clothing (such as short-sleeved garments and shorts) that leaves arms and legs exposed puts you at risk of injury and, owing to Tofaş health and safety rules, must not be worn inside workshops.

- Visitors wearing pacemakers are not allowed into some areas of the plant. If you are using such a device, be sure to notify your guide of this before the tour starts.

- Please remain on pedestrian walkways and use only designated pedestrian crossings both inside and outside buildings.

- For your own safety, you must not touch any machinery, equipment, or other similar devices.

- Be sure to keep your headphones on at all times while the tour continues so as not to miss out on any part of the narration. You should also make every possible effort to keep up with your tour group.

- Please keep the security badge that was provided to you attached to your clothing at all times during the tour. Do not remove it, carry it in your hand, or put it in a bag or pocket etc.

- Please remain with your guide at all times during the tour. No one is allowed to be inside the plant unless accompanied by a guide or other person designated by Tofaş.

- In the event of any sort of an emergency, be sure to remain with your guide and to obey their instructions so as to leave immediately by the safest route.

- By taking part in this tour you agree in advance not to disclose, in any way whatsoever, any confidential or proprietary information belonging to Tofaş that you may come upon. Tofaş reserves the right to seek compensation for any losses that it may sustain on account of such actions on your part.

- You are expected to fully comply with all tour-related rules. If you are making tour reservations on behalf of a group, be sure that you have made every member of the group aware of these rules as well. Tofaş reserves the right to prohibit any individual or group breaking these rules from taking part in or continuing a tour.

- The Tofaş visitors’ parking lot is reserved for Fiat, Fiat Professional, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep vehicles. A limited number of places for handicapped parking are provided. If you are driving another make of vehicle, Tofaş personnel will direct you to a designated parking area. Please follow their instructions.


Email: fabrika.gezileri@tofas.com.tr

Telephone: +90 0224 261 0350 / 8012

**Reservations cannot be made by email. Please use the reservation form provided.