Tofaş’s production capacity, export performance, R&D competencies, and workforce of nearly six thousand make it one of Türkiye’s leading industrial concerns.

Türkiye’s trailblazing automotive manufacturer, Tofaş was founded in 1968.

24.3% of Tofaş’s shares are traded on Borsa İstanbul and are included in both the BIST 30 and the BIST 100 indexes; control of the remaining shares is divided equally between Koç Holding Stellantis. Tofaş’s publicly-traded shares are also included in Borsa İstanbul’s Corporate Governance and Sustainability indexes.

Türkiye’s best automotives-industry
R&D center
450 Thousand
Vehicle Annual Production
1,000,000 m 2
Of Operational Premises

Tofaş’s production capacity, export performance, R&D competencies, and workforce of nearly six thousand people make it one of Türkiye’s leading industrial concerns. Headquartered in İstanbul, Tofaş’s production operations are carried out in Bursa at a plant with 350 thousand m2 of enclosed space situated on nearly 1 million m2 of grounds.

As one of Stellantis’s important manufacturing and R&D centers, Tofaş creates added value for Türkiye’s economy, industry, and R&D know-how. Today, with its knowledge and competencies to develop complete vehicles from scratch, Tofaş R&D Center, takes part in the product development processes of different models within Stellantis, in addition to the models produced at the Tofaş Factory.

Tofaş’s plant produces Fiat Fiorinos as well as the Fiat Egea family’s sedan, hatchback, station wagon. cross and cross wagon models. Tofaş exports more than half of the vehicles it produces to different countries in the world. Committed to being a leading player in all segments of its home market in line with customer expectations, Tofaş offers a broad portfolio of brands and products that include six brands (Fiat, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo, Jeep®, Maserati, Ferrari) for which it is the Turkish representative.



Besides being a source of export revenues and jobs, Tofaş also creates long-term value for the Turkish economy through the automotives industry investments and projects that it undertakes. Cited by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as “Best R&D Center in the Automotives Industry” in both 2016 and 2017, the Tofaş R&D Center also placed first among Turkish entrants in the European Union’s ranking of companies based on their R&D investments for three years in a row. Tofaş placed second in the “R&D: Big R&D Centers” category in the R&D And Design Centers Performance Index Awards handed out every year by the Turkish Ministry Of Industry & Technology and is the only automotives company included in this ranking.


The dealership network for the brands which Tofaş represents sells new vehicles, second-hand vehicles, and spare parts and also provides maintenance & repair services.

Tofaş aims to maintain continuously high levels of customer satisfaction through its advanced logistics and distribution competencies and its mature after-sales services capabilities as well as thanks to the long term, trust-based business relationships that it establishes with its dealers.

Nearly all Tofaş dealers qualify as “integrated”, which means that customers can find sales, services, and spare parts at a single location. Many Tofaş dealers also provide customers with such additional services as compulsory and optional motor vehicle insurance coverage and vehicle financing.

All 71 of the Fiat dealers in the network also service the company’s Alfa Romeo, Jeep® and Maserati brands. With the inclusion of the satellite and authorized service points not associated with the premises of the network’s dealerships, there are 102 Fiat sales points and 130 Fiat service points located all over Türkiye. There are also 21 Alfa Romeo-Jeep® main dealerships, together with another five locations that only service the vehicles. The number of Maserati dealerships is three.


The main priority of Tofaş, which handles all its activities in the context of social, environmental and economic dimensions, is to create a management model that is constantly improved and produces value. With its sustainable production approach, Tofaş continued to be among the 50 Turkish companies that were entitled to be included in the BIST Sustainability Index, in the comprehensive assessment made by the international assessment organization EIRIS at Borsa Istanbul in 2022. Tofaş also presented its answers to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) on climate change and water issues. Tofaş's corporate governance rating, which has increased to 9.26 every year, indicates that it is managed in a fair, transparent, accountable and responsible manner towards all its stakeholders.


Fiat Egea Sedan hit the roads of Türkiye and the world for the first time in 2015. Fiat Egea, whose engineering work was carried out at the Tofaş R&D Center in cooperation with Stellantis, has a special place in both Tofaş and the Turkish automotive industry, with Tofaş's signature in all processes from concept design to product development and market launch.

Fiat Egea, which has a wide product range with Sedan, Cross, Hatchback, Cross Wagon and Station Wagon body types, successfully fulfills its mission of "a good car must also be accessible" with its top-of-the-range driving characteristics and connectivity technologies that are not available in its class. Fiat Egea, which is also exported to the world under the name Fiat Tipo from the Bursa Factory, won the AutoBest 2016, which determines the best car of the year, where the best of Europe is awarded; It has succeeded in being the most preferred automobile in Türkiye for 7 consecutive years in 2016-2022. The Egea Cross model was selected as the "Car of the Year in Türkiye" by the Automotive Journalists Association (OGD) in 2021.

In Sedan, Hatchback, Cross and Cross Wagon body types, Egea's diesel automatic transmission and hybrid engine option will be offered for sale in 2022.