“Life is Renewal”
Tofaş leads the Turkish automotives industry with a continuously-energized and work-focused approach to corporate governance which is transparent, accountable, fair, and responsible and which is constantly being improved.

Climate change

Climate change is seen as one of the most serious problems confronting the world today. Throughout the world, efforts are being made to create control mechanisms and legal frameworks that will reduce the impact of climate change. The automotives industry for its own part has important responsibilities when addressing climate change issues. Tofaş’s action are informed by an awareness of the environmental, social, and economic risks that climate change poses and of its responsibilities for dealing with them.

By 2024, Tofaş aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from production by 33% compared to 2011.
Tofaş implemented 384 energy efficiency projects in 2021 within the scope of WCM Energy Management Methodology.

Energy consumption

Tofaş gives special importance to energy-efficiency and emissions-management issues in order both to head off the environmental, social, and economic risks arising from climate change and to keep potential rises in energy unit costs from having an adverse impact on its competitiveness. Tofaş takes a comprehensive approach that involves the entire company from senior executives to individual business units when dealing with the most important aspects of environmental management.

As a result of the efforts to reduce fixed energy consumption in line with the target of reducing carbon emissions, Tofaş has ensured that the energy consumption per vehicle in 2021 is 3.97 GJ, better than the target value.

Occupational health & safety

Tofaş commits itself to achieving and maintaining a zero rate of work-related accidents by means of constant improvements in its occupational health and safety (OHS) culture. When addressing OHS issues, Tofaş abides by World Class Safety criteria as well as with Tofaş OHS Policy principles, which exceed the requirements of laws and regulations. The company’s OHS performance is also supported by OHSAS 18001 certification, WCM Safety Standards, Fiat Safety Standards, and Tofaş Contractor Procedure methodologies.

Tofaş’s Lost Time Accident (LTA) frequency rate has decreased by 94% since 2006.