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In the many projects that are undertaken with the support of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and of the European Union, the Tofaş R&D Center also works together with university faculty members as well as with the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Research Center and various international design centers. Having increased the number of EU Research Projects in which it is active to 23, Tofaş R&D also collaborates with nearly two hundred international project partners.

Turkey’s ability to increase its international visibility and viability as a product development center is contingent in no small part on its ability to simultaneously address all of the elements of the R&D value-creation chain. This is why Tofaş gives special importance to joint design and development projects, to marshalling the resources of local engineering firms, and to working together with Universities. Believing that University-industry collaborations also need to be undertaken in parallel with efforts to develop technology, Tofaş R&D collaborated with sixteen different universities on about 130 projects in the last fifteen years.

The Tofaş R&D Center also collaborates with Universities in the conduct of seminars dealing with product technology development issues. Since 2011 Tofaş has also been conducting “Benim Projem” (“My Project”), a program designed to encourage Tofaş employees to come up with innovative ideas and work together in developing them. This program has been extended to include the selected graduation projects of about twenty students attending six different Universities.

Tofaş R&D Center collaborates with many national and international R&D centers and research institutes.